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Working at PDG

Are you considering an opportunity for employment at PDG but wondering what it is really like to work here?

We asked our current and former employees to tell us what they like about working at PDG and put their responses together below. Yes, we have focussed on the good things but hopefully this give you some sense of who we are as an organisation. 
Click on the boxes below to see what our current and former employees had to say.
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Career Development

PDG provides an exciting opportunity for young professionals to build their experience while being supported to develop and grow to their potential. Our approach to career development assists our staff, especially young consultants, to identify their career needs, plan for their realization, implement these plans, and periodically review their progress. This process is tailored to each staff member based on their current role and desired development path. Consultants are encouraged to develop their skills with opportunities for rapid career development and advancement within the firm.

Take a look at the Working at PDG above to see what our current and former employees had to say about PDG’s commitment to continuous learning and development.


PDG is open to considering well-qualified professionals with an interest in public policy and the work that we do. Typical consultants will have a postgraduate degree (generally at least a Masters) in a discipline of relevance to our work. Current staff have academic backgrounds in disciplines such as urban and regional planning, economics, business administration, engineering, public management, and environmental management. If you feel your background and skills suit one of our Practice Areas, you can apply here or respond to adverts for specific positions below.


PDG has a 1-year paid internship programme for South African postgraduates under the age of 30. We have an internship intake in January each year. Inquiries about future internship intakes can be made to


PDG is not currently recruiting but we are always accepting applications from prospective recruits.  Anyone wishing to apply can do so via our recruitment portal or if you have an inquiry about future recruiting processes, it can be directed to