What We Do

The company’s work falls into four broad categories:

Policy support

We assist our clients to develop policies, which in the past have included:

  • national and municipal infrastructure investment and finance,
  • income, tariff and subsidy policies,
  • municipal performance management, and
  • municipal service regulation.

Strategic planning

We assist clients with strategic planning, including:

  • economic planning,
  • infrastructure investment and financial planning,
  • regulatory strategies,
  • development planning, and
  • environmental management.

Management Support

The company provides management support to clients, in, amongst others, the areas of:

  • public-private partnerships,
  • establishment of new business practices,
  • institutional and organisational transformation and corporatisation, and
  • financial planning.


The company undertakes research in the fields of water and sanitation, infrastructure economics, and public finance. This emphasis on research makes PDG unusual for a private firm, influencing its work profile and the structure of its organisation. The professional staff is highly qualified and the company has established relationships with a number of universities.

The sectors in which we work are explained in our Practice Areas.