PDG has a values-based culture of professional excellence and care for people combined with a work style and content which creates public and social value and which enhances environmental sustainability.

Our staff come from diverse backgrounds and have a range of skills and disciplines. Projects are typically delivered by internal teams working collaboratively, often in partnership with others external to the firm. This approach provides many opportunities for learning and for contribution by all levels of consultants in providing solutions for our clients.

We foster a culture of collaboration and mutual support, coupled with a focus on professional excellence and professionalism. Consultants are encouraged to develop their skills and there are opportunities for rapid career development and advancement within the firm.

PDG recruits actively for specific positions as these become available. In addition, we are always interested in considering applications from suitably qualified professionals interested in working for PDG.

Typical consultants will have a post-graduate degree (generally at least a Masters) in a discipline of relevance to our work. Current staff have academic backgrounds in disciplines such as urban and regional planning, economics, business administration, engineering, public management, and environmental management (see Who We Are).

Anyone wishing to inquire about future recruiting processes can contact