Published papers and reports

An assessment of the performance of district municipalities
A review of the challenges and constraints associated with the provision of sanitation services in urban informal settlements
CAHF Case Study 4: Financing Infrastructure for Housing Developments: Case Studies from Sub-Saharan Africa
Developing a public transport investment assessment framework
DfID Harnessing Land Value Reports
Implementation Evaluation of the Management Performance Assessment Tool (MPAT)
Municipal rates policies
The Municipal Infrastructure Investment Framework (MIIF 7) for South Africa
Summary Report on the Design and Implementation Evaluation of the Urban Settlements Development Grant
The impact of large consumer unit size on water and sanitation services
The use of financial models for Infrastructure Investment Planning
Towards Habitat III: Confronting the disjuncture between global policy and local practice on Africa’s ‘challenge of slums’

Articles published in Magazines

Delivering Services Challenges to the implementation of leadership mandates in local government – Municipal Focus
Environmental Management and Local Government – Delivery Magazine
Understanding consumer profile – Delivery Magazine

Conference papers and presentations

Development charges in South Africa-Current thinking and areas of contestation
Dynamic models for understanding infrastructure and housing investments
How to maximize the benefit of State investment in land
Lessons from the application of the Urban LandMark Land Release Assessment Tool in the Western Cape and Gauteng
Monitoring city performance-The case of South Africa
Involving external organisations in municipal service provision
Sustainable municipal finance and spatial transformation
Viability of rural water supply systems: key factors for success

OpEd Pieces

The national budget and what this means for smaller municipalities – published in Business Day
Have inclining block tariffs for electricity made a difference? – published in Business Day

Miscellaneous reports

Fiscal and economic analysis of spatial growth in South African cities
Infrastructure investment needs in Metros: 2015-2025
Integrated infrastructure planning as a policy tool
The Economic and Fiscal Costs of Inefficient Land Use Patterns in South Africa