Urban Systems Projects

Urban Systems

CSIR Gauteng housing model

PDG was appointed by CSIR to provide advice and support to the project team in developing and implementing a housing demand assessment method for Gauteng Province, including facilitating a training workshop for provincial officials in the use of the model.

Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
Project Value
: R 256,042.00
Date: Jul-16.

Cost of Inappropriate Land Use

PDG was responsible for developing a methodology through which a financial model could be used to calculate the costs of alternative urban spatial forms. The City Efficiency Costing Model (CECM) was developed and produced preliminary cost results for a hypothetical South African city under various spatial growth scenarios.

Financial and Fiscal Commission (FFC)
Project Value
: R 384,208.00
Date: Mar-11.

DFID Land and Infrastructure

The research team for: ‘Urban infrastructure in Sub-Saharan Africa – harnessing land values, housing and transport’ was led by ACC, with PDG as a consortium partner. PDG were responsible for literature reviews around infrastructure finance and housing in sub-Saharan Africa, and undertook one of the three in depth city case studies.

University of Cape Town.
Project Value: R693,437.00.
Date: Sep-15.

Fiscal  impacts of development spatial form

The South African Cities Network (SACN) and the National Treasury’s Cities Support Programme (CSP) appointed PDG, John Spiropoulos and Conrad van Gass to investigate the fiscal impact of development in South African cities. The first phase involved a survey of metros and literature review to unpack current practices and tools that are used to calculate  the cost for developments are calculated, understood and used to inform development decisions. This study determined that there are no existing tools that adequately calculate the long-term capital and operating costs that accrue to multiple actors as the result of large-scale developments, and the team then developed a Fiscal Impact Tool to calculate both fiscal and non-financial impacts. This tool was developed in conjunction with the eThekwini metro using the Cornubia development as a pilot case study.

South African Cities Network (SACN).
Project Value: R272,403.00.
Date: Mar-15.

World Bank Athlone Power Station Development Strategy

PDG joined HR&A Advisors in a team appointed by the World Bank to provide the City of Cape Town with technical support for the redevelopment strategy of the Athlone Power Station Site.  PDG provided support to the overall redevelopment strategy and led the work on assessing financing and partnership options.

HR&A Advisors.
Project Value: R419,541.00.
Date: Dec-17.

World Bank Cornubia Business Plan

PDG was contracted by HR&A Advisory to assist with a Site-Specific development strategy and transaction support for Cornubia, a proposed mixed-use, public-private development project located in the municipality of eThekwini (Durban), South Africa. PDG undertook the legal and institutional aspects of the transaction support to produce a proposal for the development of Cornubia.

HR&A Advisors.
Project Value: R473,592.00.
Date: Sep-16.

WC Housing Demand Study

PDG conducted a Human Settlement Demand Study for the Western Cape. The study involved; a) cataloguing key data resources for a subsequent update of a human settlement demand database designed through the study, b) identifying the key housing market segments in the province and c) developing human settlement demand profiles at the municipal scale. In partnership with Sean Walsh, PDG then used this information to develop a web-based human settlements planning tool for the province and its municipalities to use in their annual Human Settlements Planning processes.

WC: Dept Human Settlements.
Project Value:
R 662,436.00.
ate: Jul-15.

WC Infrastructure Framework

PDG led a large team of consultants appointed by the Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works to develop the Western Cape Infrastructure Framework. The framework covers all infrastructure sectors in the province and projects future infrastructure needs, costs and responsibilities up to 2040. The framework was informed by a Research and Analysis Report, and included a Implementation Guideline and Prioritisation Model.  The final phase of the project piloted the framework, guideline and model in the development of an Infrastructure Plan for the Saldanha Bay Functional Region.

Dept of Transport & Public Works.
Project Value:
ate: Sep-13.

West Coast Industrial Development Plan

PDG supported by The Green House and Strategies for Change, was appointed by the Western Cape Government to prepare an Industrial Development Plan for the West Coast. The project involved preparing infrastructure and resource demand projections for various development agendas on the West Coast in order to determine whether the development agendas are possible within available resource constraints. Project activities include stakeholder workshops, desktop analysis and model building, as well as reporting and presentation of results.

WC: Economic Development & Tourism.
Project Value: R 1 761 705.00.
ate: Apr-16.

WC Informal Settlement Strategy

PDG was part of a team led by Isandla Institute and including Habitat SA, that developed an informal settlement strategy that will serve as the strategic direction for the informal settlement support programme for the Western Cape. PDG were responsible for the costing and financing, prioritisation model and monitoring and evaluation framework.

HR&A Advisors.
Project Value: R414,000.00.
Date: Dec-16.