Public Sector Governance

Public Sector Governance Projects

Assessment of Municipal Term

PDG was contracted by Department of Cooperative Governance to conduct an assessment of lessons learnt and the impact of the provisions of the Municipal Systems Act (MSA) that link contracts of municipal managers to a municipal electoral term.

Dept of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (COGTA).
Project Value: R 875,616.00.
Date: 15-May-13.

Cities Network Good Governance Indicators

PDG was commissioned by the South African Cities Network to review and develop a set of Well-Governed Cities indicators measuring good governance in the nine cities. The objective of the project was to ascertain whether cities were practicing the principles of good governance in their management and operations as well as in their interface with other spheres of government and the public.

SA Cities Network (SACN).
Project Value: R 263,933.00.
Date: 31-Aug-11.

Institutional & Gov Ass of Mun Entities

PDG was subcontracted by Isandla Institute to conduct research on Institutional and Governance Assessment of Municipal Entities for the Development Bank of South Africa. The beneficiary of the research was the former Department of Provincial and Local Government. The overall aim of this research was to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of municipal entities as mechanisms for municipal service delivery by understanding the broader institutional and regulatory framework in which municipal entities operate.

Isandla  Institute.
Project Value: R 263,497.00.
Date: 15-Nov-10.

Joburg Municipal International Relations

PDG was appointed by the City of Johannesburg to review and update its 2001 Municipal International Relations (MIR) Policy.  The scope of work included the provision of a short analysis report on the 2001 MIR Policy; desktop research on current trends; and consultations with key departments including Municipal International Intergovernmental Relations (MIIGR), the Central Strategies Unit (CSU) and the Jo’burg Information and Knowledge Exchange (JIKE), among others. Based on the research, reviews and consultations, a revised MIR policy was then drafted..

City of Johannesburg.
Project Value: R 344,821.00.
Date: 18-Apr-13.

Lead Government Specialist

PDG was appointed as the Lead Governance & Climate Specialist and City-Level Programme Co-ordinator for the City Support Programme.

Development Bank of SA (DBSA).
Project Value: R 825,600.00.
Date: 22-Dec-15.

SALGA Anti Fraud and Anti-Corruption Measures in SA

PDG was appointed by SALGA to develop and undertake a survey of the measures put in place by municipalities to combat fraud and corruption. In addition, PDG also developed a set of good governance indicators and a draft peer review mechanism for SALGA to consult on further with key sector stakeholders.

South African Local Government Association (SALGA)
Project Value: R 751,104.00.
Date: Ongoing.