Public Finance Projects

Public Finance Projects

Bulk Infrastructure Fund

PDG developed a strategy for the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs that informs coordinated bulk infrastructure investment and motivates for the establishment of the bulk infrastructure fund.

Rand Water.
Project Value: R296,637.72.
Date: Mar-12.

Breede Valley Long Term Financing Strategy

PDG prepared a Long Term Financial Plan for Breede Valley Local Municipality, including modelling of the need for municipal infrastructure over a 10 year period; projecting the financial performance, position and cash flow of the municipality over that period; and assessing the capacity to borrow based on the free cash flow.

Breede Valley Municipality.
Project Value: R348,631.00.
Date: May-15.

Chris Hani Financial Modelling

PDG did analysis on the need for investment in infrastructure in the cities (metropolitan municipalities and so-called B1s) as input to the Urban Investment Partnership Conference. The analysis was conducted by updating and revising existing Municipal Services Financial Models (MSFMs) for the metros and B1s as municipal groups, and for individual metros where these exist.

Aecom SA (Pty) Ltd.
Project Value: R199,116.00.
Date: Nov-15.

Cape Town Sustainability of Utility Services

PDG was appointed to do analysis for the City of Cape Town’s Utility Services Directorate on the financial sustainability of water services, electricity services and solid waste management. Analysis included: assessing long term financial trends in the City of Cape Town; assessing the cost of Free Basic Services provision, the internal allocation of the Local Government Equitable Share and the impact that this has on the utility services; preparing proprietary Excel models that project the financial performance of the utility services forward over time and look at the impact of various tariff increase scenarios, using asset condition as a key indicator of long term sustainability; assessment of affordability of the Utility Services both by calculating monthly bills as a percentage of household income and by comparison with the other four large metropolitan municipalities; and assessing the potential for efficiency gains at high level through engagements with utility services officials.

City of Cape Town.
Project Value: R2,248,248.00.
Date: Jul-17.

Gauteng tariff model

PDG prepared an Excel based tariff model for Gauteng COGTA in support of a number of Gauteng municipalities. The model aims to set affordable tariffs for water, sanitation, electricity and solid waste that result in a fully funded municipal budget. It makes strategic decisions related to the allocation of external subsidies and internal cross-subsidies explicit.

Gauteng COGTA.
Project Value: R510,736.00.
Date: Dec-15.

Local Government Fiscal Framework

PDG was contracted by the FFC to provide technical assistance associated with an ‘Options analysis associated with Local Government Fiscal Framework Public Hearings’.

Financial and Fiscal Commission (FFC).
Project Value: R321,005.00.
Date: Aug-12.

MIG Framework review 4

PDG conducted a review of the policy for the Municipal Infrastructure Grant, one of the largest infrastructure grants in South Africa, for the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs. The project involved consultation via one-on-one engagements and workshops, municipal case studies and desktop modelling and analysis. The findings from these activities were drawn together to make proposals regarding changes to the MIG Policy Framework, as well as drafting of the Revised MIG Policy Framework.

Project Value: R1,350,584.00.
Date: May-15.

Municipal Financial Turnarounds

PDG conducted research on municipal financial turnarounds, with a focus on two case studies. The aim of the research was to document financial turnaround processes and identify common or contrasting elements in order to extract lessons for municipalities. The project activities included desktop analysis of municipal financial statements and interviews with municipal officials and other stakeholders involved in municipal financial turnaround processes.

South African Cities Network (SACN).
Project Value: R183,247.30.
Date: Aug-14.

SALGA Rehabilitation Fund

SALGA wanted to explore the feasibility and design of an integrated municipal refurbishment and replacement fund. PDG, in association with Afcap Consulting, were appointed to investigate the options and presented these in a report to SALGA and in a workshop with National Treasury.

South African Local Government Association (SALGA).
Project Value: R387,025.44.
Date: May-14.

West Coast Asset Transfer

PDG conducted an assessment of the financial and practical implications of unbundling water services assets currently owned by the West Coast District Municipality and transferring them to the Local Municipalities.

GLS Consulting.
Project Value: R270,375.00.
Date: Mar-15.

WC Developer Charges

PDG developed a methodology for the calculation of development charges in the Western Cape Province and assisted with draft provincial guidelines for development charge agreements for municipalities in the Province.

Project Value: R368,299.80.
Date: May-14.

WC LM Pilot Financial Strategy

PDG together with Afcap Consulting was contracted to compile a long term strategy for financing municipal infrastructure for a pilot local municipality that will facilitate the implementation of prioritised water and waste-water projects in the Comprehensive Bulk Infrastructure Plan for the Western Cape Province. WC Dept Local Government.

Gauteng DCoG.
Project Value: R510,736.00.
Date: Jul-12.