Municipal Systems Projects

Municipal Systems

Amathole Performance Management System Review

Amathole District Municipality.
Project Value: R 237,372.80.
Date: 09-Feb-09.

Buffalo City PMF

PDG was contracted by Buffalo City Municipality to review and update the Performance Management System Policy Framework for Buffalo City Local Municipality.

Buffalo City Municipality.
Project Value: R 113,767.00.
Date: 15-Sep-10.

Ngquswha PMS Framework Review and Rollout

GTZ Strengthening Local Gov. Prog.
Project Value: R 169,001.00.
Date: 06-Dec-07.

Ngqushwa PMS Framework Review and Rollout

GTZ Strengthenig Local Gov Prog.
Project Value: R 199,357.60.
Date: 26-Jun-09.

Ngqushwa Year end Perf Rev

GTZ Strengthening Local Gov. Prog.
Project Value: R 211,509.00.
Date: 26-Jun-09.

Jo’burg Performance Management Policy

The project is intended to assess the performance management policy and practice for non-Section 57 employees across the City of Jo’burg core administration, the Municipal entities (MEs) and the Regions taking into account the desegregation of employees by levels (employees below Section 57). The City of Jo’burg has within its Performance Management Systems developed separate policies for Section 57 employees and non-Section 57 employees. Further, there is a mix of contractual arrangements which are either fixed term contracts or permanent employment contracts, and as noted City of Jo’burg has encountered challenges in the standardised application and uptake of the Project Management Systems.

City of Johannesburg.
Project Value: R 395,386.00.
Date: 9-Jul-11.

Joburg Updated Sustainability Indicators

PDG was contracted to establish a baseline and methodology for updating the City of Johannesburg indicators as specified by the Global Facility indicators. They were also required t o finalize the tracking and verify CoJ Sustainability Indicators developed to measure the progress towards implementation of Growth and Development Strategy of the City.

City of Joburg.
Project Value: R 298,606.00.
Date: 14-Mar-12.

Mbombela Performance Management 2

PDG was requested by GTZ to assist Mbombela Local Municipality in setting up its Performance Management System as part of medium-long term support arrangement to the municipality. MBPM2 was the first stage and entailed updating Mbombela’s Performance Management Framework (PMF).  PDG facilitated two workshops with the municipal management and councillors, presenting and training the two groups on the proposed draft PMF. A Final PMF was delivered to the municipality for council approval.

GTZ – German Development Cooperation.
Project Value: R 114,666.00.
Date: 26-Nov-09.

Mbombela Scorecards and Performance Agreements

This project followed on from MBPM2. It entailed developing the Strategic Scorecard and the SDBIP Scorecards for each Directorate at Mbombela Local Municipality. PDG facilitated three workshops with Council and Senior Management to complete this assignment. The workshops involved completing the performance plans for the organisation, each directorate and manager including the setting of objectives, indicators and targets and allocating of weights. The final deliverables were the Scorecards for the municipality and each department as well as the Performance Agreements for all Section 57 Managers and the Municipal Manager. It was funded by the GTZ.

Project Value: R 248,864.00.
Date: 09-Nov-09.

Review of the Regional Urban Management Plan

Region D within the CoJ has commissioned PDG to update the existing Regional Urban Management Plan (RUMP) document. PDG will thus develop an assessment tool to be applied in reviewing the RUMP document, after which the actual review will be done. The project has been divided into three phases but PDG has only been appointed for the first two phases. The last phase which is the actual updating of the RUMP document will be considered later after the first two phases have been completed.

City of Jo’burg Region D.
Project Value: R 175,418.00.
Date: 04-Dec-08.