Monitoring and Evaluaton Projects

Monitoring and Evaluation

Differential Barometer approach

PDG was contracted by COGTA for the development of a barometer and proposals for institutional arrangements to support the implementation of a differentiated approach to municipal support.

Project Value: R 437,427.19.
Date:  Mar-12.

Reporting Reforms Project

PDG was contracted by National Treasury to assist a process to review, rationalise and streamline the current reporting arrangements across the main programmes supporting the performance and management of the built environment in metropolitan municipalities. The process entailed the collation of indicator sets from across local government and the review of their formulation as part of a rationalisation process. PDG developed a metro-level results framework and a set of integrated outcome indicators. The results framework and collated set of local government indicators have informed subsequent review of the current reporting arrangements which is on-going.

Deloitte Consulting.
Project Value: R 1,283,657.07.
Date:  Jan-17.

Implementation evaluation of the Frontline Service Delivery Monitoring Programme in GP

PDG was appointed by the Gauteng Office of the Premier to assess the extent to which the FSDM Programme in Gauteng, a key provincial government programme, was achieving its intended objectives and to make recommendations to improve performance.  The evaluation employed a mixed-methods approach to provide a formative assessment of the programme implementation.

Gauteng Provincial Government.
Project Value: R437, 828.
Date:  Jul-15.

Municipal Capacity Assessment 2011

PDG was contracted by the Municipal Demarcation Board to implement the recently revised Municipal Capacity Assessment Model for the Municipal Demarcation Board (MDB).

Municipal Demarcation Board.
Project Value: R 4,157,589.00.
Date: Jul-12.

Implementation evaluation of the Management Performance Assessment Tool (MPAT)

PDG was contracted by DPME to determine undertake an implementation evaluation of MPAT to determine whether it was improving management practices in national and provincial departments. The evaluation employed a clarificatory approach before undertaking a national departmental survey, interviews and focus groups with key government stakeholders. The evaluation recommendations informed subsequent revisions to the framework and the introduction of management performance indicators in line with the intervention’s previously implicit Theory of Change.

Dept Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (DPME).
Project Value: R 1,312,000.00.
Date: Apr-15.

M&E Sectoral Study

PDG was appointed by DPME to conduct a study on the state and use of M&E in five sectors and develop specific proposals for improvement. The five sectors were Local Government, Water, Human Settlements, Education and Health sectors.

Dept Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (DPME).
Project Value: R 2,338,954.53.
Date: Mar-15.

SDG Urban Indicators Pilot

PDG was contracted by ACC to assist with the formulation of USDG indicators, namely the indicators for Goal 11 of the SDGs, the Bangalore workshop, where a set of targets and indicators were agreed upon.

African Centre for Cities.
Project Value: R 421,093.00.
Date: Sep-15.

TAU Infrastructure Maturity Model

TAU Infrastructure Maturity Model (TIMM). PDG was appointed by TAU’s to provide technical assistance services to its client (Chief Directorate: Provincial and Local Government Infrastructure) with the Development of an Infrastructure Capability Maturity Model and Integrated Infrastructure Scorecard.

National Treasury (TAU).
Project Value: R 1,115,000.00.
Date: Sep-13.

WC Implementation Evaluation of Corporate Services Centre

PDG was appointed by the Department of the Premier of the Western Cape Government to conduct an Implementation Evaluation of the Western Cape Government’s Corporate Services Centre (CSC).  The evaluation employed a mixed method approach to clarify the design and intent of the CSS before assessing implementation over the previous term.

WC:  Dept of the Premier.
Project Value: R 877, 071
Date: Apr-16.

Evaluation of the functioning and effectiveness of the ward participatory system in five local municipalities in the Western Cape

PDG was appointed in partnership with ikapadata by the Western Cape Department of Local Government (WCLG) to undertake an evaluation of the functioning and effectiveness of the ward participatory system in five local municipalities. The methodology entailed a household survey of three wards per municipality, focus groups with ward committees, municipal officials and interviews with elected representatives. The evaluation informed a WCLG’s approach to ward committee support following the 2016 local government elections.

WC:  Department of Local Government.
Project Value: R 869,210
Date: Aug-16.