Institutional Development and Inter-governmental Relations Projects

Institutional Development and Inter-governmental Relations

Audit of URP structures

PDG was commissioned by GFA Consulting to conduct an audit on the effectiveness of existing URP structures and practices of intergovernmental relations. The final report had to advise on a 2 year mainstreaming plan to elevate URP into mainstream government programmes.

GFA Consulting Group GmbH.
Project Value: R 151,455.00.
Date: 31-Jul-09.

District Intergovernmental Forum & Shared Services Audit

The Department of Provincial and Local Government (dplg) has commissioned the development of a study in selected district municipalities based on their best practices on intergovernmental relations structures and the shared service models. The study is intended to identify emerging best practices and inform policy development and reporting mechanisms.

Deloitte & Touche.
Project Value: R 367,751.00.
Date: 08-May-08.

Eastern Cape IGR Handbook

PDG will design and develop an IGR handbook for IGR practitioners in the Eastern Cape. The handbook should share information on all IGR initiatives that have been undertaken/implemented by the various municipalities in support of the IGR programme and also conduct a training programme for 120 IGR practitioners.

Eastern Cape Local Govt & Traditional Affairs.
Project Value: R 640,541.00.
Date: 13-Jul-11.

Gauteng IGR Strategy & Implementation Plan

PDG was appointed by the Gauteng Office of the Premier to review the Gauteng Intergovernmental Relations Framework and develop the Gauteng Intergovernmental Relations Strategy accompanied by an Implementation Plan. The IGR Strategy takes into account the vision of the Fifth Administration which has introduced the Ten Pillar Programme to transform the province into a Global City Region (GCR), a seamlessly integrated and globally competitive city region..

Gauteng Office of the Premier.
Project Value: R 419,725.00.
Date: Ongoing.

IGR Capacity Building

PDG was requested by the dplg to develop an IGR Capacity Building Strategy and Implementation Plan that would inform the roll out of targeted IGR support focusing on the provincial and district level. Following which PDG then rolled out this targeted IGR support programme for IGR practitioners in the political and administrative realms of provincial government and district municipalities in the following four provinces: Eastern Cape Province; Kwa-Zulu Natal; Limpopo Province; and Mpumalanga.

GTZ Strengthening Local Government.
Project Value: R 1,433,785.00.
Date: 25-Sep-09.

IGRCB National

Following on the successful roll out of the IGR capacity building program at provincial and local level, PDG was commissioned by the dplg and GTZ to roll out the IGR Capacity Building Programme, with some adaptation, to national departments and state institutions. The purpose of this programme was to empower IGR practitioners at national departments with the skills and the knowledge required for effective IGR on a day-to-day basis. In addition, the capacity building programme was meant to contribute towards the inculcation of a cooperative governance culture in the conduct of public servants.

GTZ – Strengthening Local Government.
Project Value: R 149,810.00.
Date: 25-Jun-09.

Joburg Municipal International Relations

PDG has been appointed by the City of Johannesburg to review and update its 2001 Municipal International Relations (MIR) Policy. The scope of work includes the provision of a short analysis report on the 2001 MIR Policy; desktop research on current trends; and consultations with key departments including Municipal International Intergovernmental Relations (MIIGR), the Central Strategies Unit (CSU) and the Jo’burg Information and Knowledge Exchange (JIKE), among others. Based on the research, reviews and consultations, a revised policy will be drafted.

City of Johannesburg.
Project Value: R 344,821.00.
Date: 30-Jun-11.

Powers & Functions Framework

PDG in association with the Community Law Centre at the University of the Western Cape and Wendy Ovens and Associates were appointed by Department of Cooperative Governance to draft a new governance, policy or legislative framework for managing the allocation of powers and functions across the three spheres of government.

Dept of Cooperative Governance (COGTA).
Project Value: R876,220.00.
Date: 15-Mar-12.

SALGA Position Paper on Districts

PDG was contracted by SALGA to develop SALGA’s position on District Municipalities in response to the provincial and local government policy review process.

South African Local Government Association (SALGA).
Project Value: R 174,066.00.
Date: 11-Feb-11.

LG and Provincial Policy Review

This project, for the Department of Provincial and Local Government, was part of the process to prepare two new policy papers on provincial and local government in SA. PDG was appointed to prepare papers on each sector of sub-national government, with an emphasis on issues associated with the allocation of powers and functions. This was a major piece of work including the drafting of 22 papers by PDG team members and external specialists contracted to PDG.

Deloitte & Touche.
Project Value: R 1,076,979.00.
Date: 08-Sep-08.

TAUSTA- Mpumalanga

The Macro Policy and Strategy Unit of the Mpumalanga Office of the Premier requested support from TAU in improving the functioning of the cluster system within the province. Outputs include a diagnostic report and a business plan for the improved functioning of clusters. Part of this involves a monitoring system which is linked to the Provincial Programme of Action.

National Treasury.
Project Value: R 220,000.00.
Date: 09-Mar-10.

TAU Technical Advisor

The overall objective of this assignment is to monitor the performance of the LTAs and STAs as well as the overall contexts in which they operate.

National Treasury – Technical Adv Unit
Project Value
: R 3,141,600.00.
Date: 31-Aug-13.


Institutional and Programme Evaluation

Batho Pele Standards

The project aimed at assisting The Department of Corporate Governance and Traditional Affairs (CoGTA) in developing a draft set of Generic Batho Pele Service Standards as well as a Batho Pele Implementation Framework for Local Government.

Dept of Cooperative Governance (COGTA).
Project Value: R 242,962.00.
Date:  20-Dec-11.

FFC Document Review

To conduct a high-level qualitative review of the FFC’s publications and website, and a redefinition of its market and market segmentation needs.

Financial and Fiscal Commission.
Project Value: R 311,805.00.

Good Governance Learning Network Impact Assessment

PDG was appointed by the GGLN for the development of a comprehensive impact assessment framework.

Isandla Institute.
Project Value: R 135,000.00.
Date:  30-Apr-12.


PDG was appointed by GIZ to participate in an expert mission conducting the Programme Progress Review (PPR) of the Strengthening Local Governance Programme (SLGP).

Project Value: R 199,866.00.
Date:  25-May-12.

ILIMA Evaluation

PDG was appointed by Old Mutual’s Ilima Trust to conduct an evaluation of the organisation’s outputs. Ilima Trust provides support to the public sector on a consultancy basis, which is subsidised by funding made available through the Trust. The evaluation mainly focuses on conducting an assessment of how satisfied public sector beneficiary organisations are with the support provided by Ilima through its assignments and projects. The methodology includes conducting a telephonic survey of beneficiaries as well as engaging with Ilima consultants about their experiences, challenges and lessons learnt. The objective of this evaluation is to provide recommendations for improvements going forward.

Old Mutual – Ilima Trust.
Project Value: R 131,528.00.
:  13-Aug-10.

Evaluation of the SA Programme of the CS Mott Foundation

PDG was awarded a contract to review the local government and community participation components of a broader evaluation of the CS Mott Foundation’s South Africa Programme. This involved developing an analytical framework, desktop research, key informant interviews, analysis, report writing and finally recommendations for the Mott Foundation’s new five year programme cycle.

Mott Foundation.
Project Value: R 169,037.00.
Date:  09-Mar-10.

National Water Consumer Satisfaction Survey

PDG conducted a consumer satisfaction survey for the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry. The primary objective was to gauge the level of satisfaction amongst consumers with regard to the manner in which water and sanitation is delivered to them. The secondary objective was to assist DWAF in its capacity as the national regulator to verify performance of institutions against reported service delivery indicators.

Department of Water Affairs (DWA).
Project Value: R 2,611,428.59.
Date:  27-Nov-09.

Overstrand Municipality

PDG was appointed to conduct a service delivery perception study for the Overstrand Municipality. Part of the study also involves an evaluative survey of the annual Whale Festival.

Overstrand Municipality.
Project Value: R 175,438.00.
Date:  17-Nov-09.

Urban Landmark Impact Assessment

This project was aimed at measuring and assessing the impact of the UrbanLandmark program.

Urban Landmark.
Project Value: R 193,099.00.
Date:  06-May-11.