Environment and Sustainability Projects

Environment and Sustainability

Climate Change Response Alignment

PDG was appointed to undertake the review of three WCG policies and strategies to assess alignment with the Western Cape Climate Change Response Strategy.

Project Value: R 162,397.00.
Date: Ongoing.

Climate Change Policy & Leg Review

PDG was subcontracted by CAMCO to undertake a review of South Africa’s climate change policy and legislative framework as it pertained to local government powers and functions.

Department of Environment Affairs (DEA).
Project Value: R 170,512.00.
Date: 26-Jun-13.

Evaluation of environmental programmes

PDG completed a design evaluation of the Environmental Programmes Branch of the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA). It focused on the Natural Resource Management (NRM) and Environmental Protection and Infrastructure Programme (EPIP) Chief Directorates (CD’s). The design review included a desktop literature review of experiences with national environmental programmes; a review of programme statistics as well as extensive stakeholder engagements to determine the origins of the branch and the nature of its design as a function of a sub-programmes within the NRM and EPIP CD’s. This research culminated in the compilation of a design review and a design assessment report which were showcased and refined with DEA stakeholders through validation workshops.

Department of Environment Affairs (DEA).
Project Value: R 768,370.17.
Date: 15-Oct-14.

Green Asset Registry for Gauteng

PDG was contracted by GRCO to prepare a scoping paper outlining the requirements and potential methodologies for developing a green asset registry to inform green infrastructure planning in the Gauteng City-Region. It will also address opportunities and barriers for including green assets in existing municipal frameworks.

University of Witwatersrand: GCRO.
Project Value: R 70,077.00.
Date: Ongoing.

Greenhouse Gas Mitigation

PDG, subcontractor to CAMCO was contracted to GIZ to complete research for the Department of Environmental Affairs to: (i) project national GHG emissions into the future (thereby establishing an updated emissions baseline in the absence of further mitigation initiatives, (ii) identify and analyse mitigation opportunities in key sectors of the economy and (iii) conduct a socio-economic and environmental assessment of the identified mitigation options. The main emphasis of the project is the identification of energy measures to shift away from fossil fuels. PDG was primarily responsible for the Multi-Criteria Analyses of all mitigation options. This involved collating all the data for all mitigation measures.

Department of Environment Affairs (DEA).
Project Value: R1,532,057.95.
Date: 01-May-14.

Urban Low Emission Development in Steve Tshwete & KwaDukuza

Development of low carbon economic transition paper for Steve Tshwete and KwaDukuza Municipalities to support development of Urban Low Emission Development Strategic Frameworks.

Project Value: R92,218.00.
Date: 02-Mar-15.

Leveraging public programmes

PDG prepared a South African case study of how to leverage public programmes with socio-economic and development objectives to support conservation and restoration of ecosystems. The case study was designed to be a direct by-product of the Evaluation of Environmental Programmes project which PDG was doing at the time, for the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA).

UNEP Secretariat.
Project Value: R104,084.18.
Date: 15-Oct-14.

Mitigation Action Plans and Scenarios

MAPS is a collaboration amongst developing countries to establish the evidence base for long-term transition to robust economies that are carbon efficient and considers how climate change mitigation can align with the challenges of economic development and poverty alleviation. Meagan Jooste acted as the Forum Academic Review Lead to peer review conference papers and edited the conference proceedings.

South South North.
Project Value: R66,220.00.
Date: 28-Feb-14.

Resource Conservation Impacts

PDG was contracted by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation based on discussions with the South African Local Government Association (SALGA).  SALGA has endorsed the project as it supports key objectives of the Association – these include ensuring the financial viability of local authorities in South Africa and supporting local government in meeting their sustainable development and resource conservation objectives.

Employment Promotion Programme (Development Policy Research Unit, UCT) .
Project Value: R 187,550.00.
Date: 28-Aug-12.

Restructuring of the Electricity Distribution Industry (EDI)

PDG in conjunction with Rolfe Eberhard and Professor Anton Eberhard were appointed by SALGA to develop a Local Government Position Paper on the Alternative Approach to the restructuring of the Electricity Distribution Industry (EDI). The objective of this assignment was to develop a Local Government Position Paper on how to transform the Electricity Distribution Industry (EDI) into a viable and sustainable industry that will efficiently and effectively provide electricity distribution services under the authority of municipalities.

South African Local Government Association (SALGA).
Project Value: R 679,925.00.
Date: 31-Dec-13.

Dept of Energy IPP Unit Support 2

Update of a 2012 project for GIZ, regarding the authorization processes for renewable energy projects and RE developer experiences.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).
Project Value: R 63,259.00.
Date: 22-Oct-15.