Practice Areas

Public Finance

PDG undertakes both national scale policy work relating to public finance and work directly for municipalities on financial planning. The national scale policy field includes advising national bodies (particularly DCoG and National Treasury) on policy with respect to tariffs, property rates, capital and operating grant mechanisms etc as well as support to clients with the roll-out of policy. Work directly for municipalities typically involves the application of financial models; PDG has developed a series of financial models including infrastructure investment planning tools, models aimed at projections of the financial viability of municipal services undertakings, and tariff setting tools.

Practice area leader:  Kim Walsh | Projects

Water Services

This practice area aims to improve the provision of water services in Southern Africa by working with national government clients in the areas of legislative reform, institutional reform and regulation strategy; undertaking financial analysis of water services provision in municipalities and water services providers; and participating directly in reform and improved governance initiatives.

PDG has been active in the Water Sector in Southern Africa for the past 22 years, undertaking a wide range of projects involving policy and strategy development, institutional reform, local government restructuring, regulation, pricing, sector reviews, grant and finance policies and processes, project evaluations, water demand assessments, water services development planning, financial viability analysis, teaching and workshop facilitation. Through these projects, PDG has played a leading role in assisting the South African government to develop the policy, legislative, institutional and financial frameworks that govern the sector.  PDG has also undertaken consulting work in the water sector in Uganda, Ethiopia, Mozambique and Zambia. These experiences serve to enrich our consulting offering in South Africa as well an enable South African experience to be translated into other contexts.

Practice area leader: Nick Graham | Projects

Urban Systems

The urban systems practice area focuses on the interaction between land, housing, infrastructure and public transport, with a focus on how these are financed. Our interest is in how cities function to facilitate the flow of people and resources. We undertake research, policy development, and financial analysis around housing, land, spatial planning, urban economics, infrastructure services, public transport, public services, and environmental sustainability. We are therefore able to perform a niche role of providing consulting services around a full suite of public sector functions to clients that are tasked with integrating these functions, as well as those that have a larger policy perspective.

Practice area leader: Nick Graham | Projects

Monitoring and Evaluation

PDG’s M&E practice focuses on strengthening monitoring and evaluation in the public sector in order to facilitate evidence-based learning, performance improvement and broader societal accountability. PDG has contributed to the development of public sector evaluation practice nationally by designing a quality assessment system and an evaluation management information system for all evaluations commissioned within the National Evaluation System (NES). PDG has developed M&E systems and frameworks and undertaken a number of flagship evaluations for national and provincial government. Through our history of work in local government, we have also acquired unique expertise in understanding the M&E environment of municipalities and the local government system as a whole. We take a collaborative approach in our M&E work, making sure our work is useful and responsive to clients’ needs. We have a passion for skills development and maximising the learning value that clients derive from our work. Our M&E practice cuts across all our sector expertise and utilises a diverse array of tools and methodologies to deliver quality results.  Our staff are active members of the South African Monitoring & Evaluation Association (SAMEA).

Practice area leader: Mike Leslie | Projects